How do I enable Quick Order Page on my online storefront? [Theme Online Store 2.0]

Last Updated 2 years ago

After you install app. You need to create a Quick Order Page

Please follow the video

Step 1: Create a page template

  1. Go to Themes under Online Store
  2. Click on Customize button in the 'Current theme' section to edit the current live theme. (If you want to setup on a non-live theme, use any theme from theme Theme library.)
  3. Select Pages section from top dropdown
  4. Then click on Create template button to create a new template for our quick order page.
  5. On the Create template popup. Give a name for the new template. e.g. Quick order
  6. New template will open in edit mode.
  7. Click on Add section button to add new section to the page.
  8. Under APPS section click on Quick / Bulk order widget to add to page.
  9. Select Cart button color and other settings as per your theme.
  10. Click on Save button the save template.

Step 2: Apply new template to a page

  1. Go to Pages under Online Store
  2. Create a new page using Add page Button.
  3. On the new/edit page, under Online store select the newly created template.
  4. Save the new page.
  5. Make a navigation link to the newly created page

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